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Mothers for Peace is looking for partners to set up a cooperation project on women rights in Afghanistan. Böhmer, J. F., Regesta Imperii V. Jüngere Staufer Die Regesten des Kaiserreichs unter Philipp, Otto IV, Friedrich II, Heinrich (VII), Conrad IV. waring single spindle mixer Die dritte Vorlesung im 1. Semester beschäftigte sich mit der Nordsee, genauer gesagt, was eigentlich dort unter Wasser passiert.

Partnersuche afghanistan

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The Real Problem in Afghanistan

With a growing Taliban insurgency centered in the south and southeast, the violence continues to escalate. Click on the play button to see a slide show of photos from Afghanistan by Andrew Wilder and Dawn Stallard.

A research director for the Feinstein International Center since earlyhe managed humanitarian partnersuche afghanistan and development programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan for 10 years while working for Mercy Corps, the International Rescue Committee and Save the Children.

Funded by AREU and the governments of Australia, Norway and Sweden, the study has taken him back to Afghanistan four times in partnersuche afghanistan past year to interview Partnersuche afghanistan and internationals of all stripes: His initial findings might not fit easily with preconceived notions about the role of aid in countries in conflict.

Wilder believes that too much aid, especially in partnersuche afghanistan insecure regions of Afghanistan, is leading to more instability. Money is siphoned off by corrupt government officials, which fuels anti-government sentiment in the people who flirten met rome recensie supposed to benefit from that aid. Aid programs, he concludes, need to focus on humanitarian and developmental needs instead of security goals.

Wilder has brought his policy recommendations to partnervermittlung thailand highest levels in Washington. Born and raised in Pakistan, Wilder came to the United States to attend college. He later received an M. His roots in the region stretch back even further than his upbringing: Can humanitarian aid be used as a tool for stabilization and security in Afghanistan?

Security is the number-one desire of Afghans and the international community. If aid programs indeed have a significant security benefit, then I think there would be some justification for programming some of our development aid to try to achieve those benefits. We operate under the assumption that spending more aid money in the insecure areas improves security. The more money we try to spend in this environment, which has very limited human resources and institutional capacity, inevitably money overflows into the pockets of corrupt officials.

Our aid programs are actually fueling the corruption, which is de-legitimizing the government, which is fueling instability. I think we do have lots of evidence that aid can partnersuche afghanistan effective in addressing humanitarian and development needs.

I just got back from Afghanistan in July, and spent some time in one of the southern provinces, Urozgan, which is quite badly affected by the insurgency. I was interviewing Afghans on their perceptions of insecurity and of aid. It was interesting the number of people who thought that what was fueling insecurity was not the Partnersuche afghanistan, but their own corrupt and ineffective government. I think this is one of the real problems in Afghanistan. Certainly early on serious mistakes were made.

Security Council support and defeated the Taliban. But our objectives then were pretty narrowly focused on partnersuche afghanistan the Taliban and al-Qaida and on the war on terror. As a quick-fix solution, we basically re-armed all the warlords who were willing to fight the Taliban. But they were the very partnersuche afghanistan who gave birth to partnersuche afghanistan Taliban in the first place, since people were so fed up with the warlords.

Most Afghans held them accountable for most of the instability of the previous 20 years. So very quickly we brought back to power some of the most unpopular and discredited individuals from the past, and they became the backbone of this new government that many Afghans see as part of the problem, rather than part partnersuche afghanistan the solution. Some of our aid—it also includes a lot of security contracting and aid contracting—is needed, but we should be sure partnersuche marienberg what we do can be monitored and is effective and accountable and is not fueling corruption.

But there is mounting evidence that to build a road in an insecure area, partnersuche afghanistan have to give money to the Taliban not to shoot your partnersuche afghanistan.

So our aid money is actually ending up in Taliban coffers. But I think we need to give the Afghan public some perception that the government is moving in the right direction rather than continuing to move in the wrong direction.

When we hear about the Taliban, they seem to partnersuche afghanistan a monolithic force. There are Taliban, and partnersuche afghanistan are Taliban. There are some Partnersuche afghanistan who are ideologically very committed; they need to fight this jihad. Partnersuche afghanistan are some who find it convenient to call themselves Taliban to intimidate other people. There are criminal Taliban, who use it as a guise to be highway bandits. There are tribal disputes where one group gets patronized by the government or the international community, so rival tribes—to maintain their power—have to align themselves with the Taliban.

So you have people who are falling under the label of Taliban for many different reasons. You could argue that in Afghanistan being extremely poor is a stable state, and being developed is a partnersuche afghanistan state. If you partnersuche afghanistan at the s in Afghanistan, it was the rapid social change with the emergence of Kabul University that led to the emergence of extreme Islamic groups and the communist parties, which basically fueled a lot of the last three decades of conflict.

And that was due to modernization, not poverty. It seems that the U. When I see some retired cop from Bavaria or Nevada come out, and they are partnersuche afghanistan to mentor some wily Afghan chief of police at a provincial headquarters—I think, who is mentoring whom? These guys are not where they are for nothing. There is a really strong sense of hospitality in Afghanistan, but that hospitality can also be used very strategically.

I think aok partnersuche need to be more partnersuche afghanistan in terms of what is achievable in the Afghan context.

Our goals should probably be a lot less ambitious. Taylor McNeil can be reached at taylor. Article Tools E-mail Print.